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Essence I Love Extreme Curl & Volume Mascara
This mascara is new by the I Love Extreme mascara line by Essence. For now, I really like it, but I have only tried it once. The wand is huge just as by my favourite blue version

Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter 04 DEW You Care?
This is probably my favourite product from the Essence/Catrice autumn/winter switch. I never liked glosses, so I was sceptical about it, but Mateja and Petra were so impressed, that I also had to get one. I actually really like the packaging, it reminds me of Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. I love how it feels on the lips, very comfortable and not drying at all, it feels very nourishing and it's a bit sticky. It has some pigmentation, especially for a lip butter. It has a shine to it, but it's not a crazy shine, just a bit. It also lasts for a while on the lips. I would happily buy more shades, but there are only four available, one is definitely too light for my skin, for the other two I'm not sure if they would suit me.

Essence Colour Boost Mad About Matte Liquid Lipstick 01 Dusty Romance
I have yet to test this more, but for now, it's not bad. The first impression wasn't the best, the lipstick felt and looked dry, it got in every line on my lips and just looked bad. My guess is that my lips just weren't in a good shape, because from then on it looks okay. The formula is nicely pigmented, it dries in about a minute or two and it doesn't really look dry. It does dry to a matte finish. In terms of lasting, I haven't noticed anything special for now.

Catrice Eyebrow Stylist 020 Date With Ash-ton and Brown-n-eyed Peas
If I'm not mistaken, Catrice came out with some new shades for this brow pencil, but these two shades are old. Date With Ash-ton is a lighter shade that I forgot to include in the picture. I figured out it's a bit too light so I got a darker one, the Brown-n-eyed Peas. I bought it because Petra always raves about Catrice's brow products. I find the pencil okay, maybe it could be creamier and a bit more pigmented, but it's great if you are in a rush for a quick fill.

Slim'Matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil Waterproof 040 Cool Brown
This one I bought when Catrice revamped their stand. This shade is new, it's like a name says, a dark cool brown, that I find perfect for my brows. The tip is very thin so you can be very precise, also it a lot creamier than the Eyebrow Stylist and also more pigmented.

Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer 10 Nude
Essence is discontinuing these so I bought a replacement. One I bought for a regular price, I was afraid that they will be quickly gone when the sale starts. But I did manage to find one on sale, it was 0,99€, so I got another one. Two backups should last me for some time. I have a review here.

Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara
I bought a couple of these but I only included one here. I said before that I use this to tame my baby hair. I hate those fine baby hair and this is a great solution. It doesn't stick the hair together like some hairsprays, it doesn't look like you even have something on your hair and it keeps the hair in place.

Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Mascara
This is very popular among bloggers so I decided to give it a go. I went for the lighter shade because I didn't want to make a mess. Thinking now, I should probably go darker. I actually really like it and I use it daily now. It gives a bit of colour to my brows and it keeps them in place. I will definitely repurchase when I use it up.

L.O.V Cosmetics LOVinity Long Lasting Nail Lacquer No. 131 Tangerine Treasure
I got this one when Müller discontinued L.O.V and all the products were 50% off. I love nail polishes from this brand, I like the wand, the formula is nice and they last long on my nails. Sadly they only had a few basic shades, but it's still a shame we can't get L.O.V products in Slovenia anymore. Here you can see swatches of Tangerine Treasure and here is a review of the brush and formula.

Oriflame The One 5-in-1 WonderLash XXL Mascara*
I only tried it once but I liked it. I have been testing the new Essence mascara, which has a very wet and messy formula, so this one is a complete opposite. The formula is thin and so easy to work with. You can do a lot of coats and it won't stick your lashes together. I did notice volume and length but based on one use I can't say more.

Oriflame The One Colour Obsession Lipstick Nude Appeal*
I already have a review of the lipstick here.

Oriflame The One Cream Illuminator*
This can be used all over the face or just to highlight specific areas. I don't like it for all over the face, it has too much shimmer, not really my cup of tea. For highlighting it's not good either, I'm not even sure why but it just didn't impress me.

Oriflame Giordani Gold Iconic Lip Elixir Elegant Burgundy*
The applicator is quite hard, don't expect fluffiness, but it's quite precise and easy to work with. The formula is liquidy and it dries matte. You will need two coats and a lipliner. It also has a weird scent that I can smell when I wear the lipstick. It dries in about 10 minutes and it feels comfortable on the lips. It does stain the lips, when I swatched it on my hand I had the stain for two days because I couldn't wipe it off not even with a makeup remover, but on the lips, I did manage to remove it. I would love to try other shades because I really like the formula.

Avon Mark Epic Lip Nude Attitude*
Avon Mark Epic Lip Transformer Lipstick Guilty Pleasure*
I haven't really tested these out yet, the Transformer Lipstick is supposed to be a topper. When I first saw the shade and I was sure I will give it away, but when I tried it on top of a lipstick it actually didn't look bad. The nude shade looks too light for me.

Essence Wanted: Sunset Dreamers TE Marble Highlighter 01 Golden Summer Days
Limited edition highlighters from Essence are always amazing. This one is no exception. The shade is perfect for my tanned skin, it has a golden shine, it does contain a bit of shimmer. It has a gorgeous marble design. The packaging I feel will quickly break. The one thing that I did notice is that it slightly emphasizes the texture of the skin. Here is the whole review.

Essence and Catrice New Autumn/Winter 2018 Products*
These are some of the new products from Essence and Catrice that are from the new autumn and winter collection. You can already get all of these in stores. There will be a separate review for all of these.

Body & Soul Bronzerpinsel
I wanted a huge bronzer brush and I remembered I saw one in Müller, so I went and bought it. I already have two brushes from this brand and I love them. This one is big and soft, but I did expect it to be a bit fluffier. Overall, it does the job, it blends the bronzer nicely.

Clay Ritual Clay Facial Mask Grey and Green
I ran out of my old clay mask, so I needed to repurchase new. This time I bought it from It's the same thing, just a different brand, I went with this one because there was free shipping. I also got a sample size of a green clay mask which I haven't tried yet.

Lush Tea Tree Water Tonic
I mostly bought this for my brother since he started getting some acne, but I will also use it myself. I have used it a couple of times, I didn't notice a huge difference for now, but my brother says he likes it, his skin does look cleaner. Also, it has a strong tea tree scent.

Melvita Ice-Fresh Roll-On for Eyes*
I already made a review on this eye cream and I also put it in my last favourites so I won't repeat myself again.

Afrodita Why Mask
You get two uses out of this packaging, I always double the uses by this type of masks, but with this one, I had a feeling it's too much for one use but too little for two. On the other hand, I liked the mask, the scent was very nice, I don't know what it smelled like, but I really liked it. It has a creamy white consistency. The effect was nice, it left my face nourished well, but after one use I can't say more. I will probably repurchase.

Avon Care Sun+ Anti-Aging Face Cream Spf50
I really like this sunscreen, so I bought a replacement. Here is a review if you are interested, but if I recap it, I like it because it doesn't leave a greasy film on the skin, it sinks in fast and it doesn't look shiny.

Avon True Nutra Effects Active Moisture Hydration Overnight Gel-Cream
I have seen this cream a couple of times on Petra's blog, so I thought I would order it since I was already placing an Avon order. I haven't tried it yet, but it's supposed to be good for moisturizing because it contains chia seeds.

Avon Planet Spa Oriental Radiance Balancing Facial Cleaner
This I got as a gift with purchase. I haven't tried it yet, but Avon says it should remove makeup and deep clean the skin. It contains white tea, it's known for its antioxidant properties and keeping the skin young and healthy.

Avon Aquavibe Love Now
Avon TTA Always EDP Eau de Parfum
These two were also a gift. Aquavibe is a strong, sweet fruit scent with a musky hint, TTA Always has more floral notes.

Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Tan Activating Protecting Oil SPF 30
My favourite sunscreen. It's an oil sunscreen but it doesn't feel greasy. It sinks into the skin fast and it has quite a nice scent. Once it did stain my white shirt but it didn't stain anything else. On this new packaging it also says that it won't stain your clothes, so maybe it's a new and better formula. In terms of the bronze part, I tan so fast, I can have tan lines even sitting on the sun for 5 minutes, even with sunscreen on, so I can't say if it really helps in that department.

Oriflame Love Nature Body & Hair Avocado Oil*
This was a lovely PR from Oriflame. I apply it to my dry hair before washing and I really like it. I'm so impressed, I didn't expect to like it so much, it makes my hair silkier and less frizzy.

Avon Advance TECHniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Nourishing Hair Serum
Avon Advance TECHniquies Duo Treatment Spray
These two are probably my favourite hair products ever. I have been using the oil for a long time and I love it, I use quite a lot on my dry ends and it never looks greasy. I use both of these when I wash my hair and I really notice the difference. I think they are both around 10€, but Avon always has special offers.

L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo
One of my favourite shampoos. DM had a special offer so I got two bottles. More here.

Oriflame Milk Honey Hair Mask*
I tried it once, so I'm not sure what to think about it yet. I like the scent, it's not that typical milk and honey scent, I find honey always overpowers, this is more on a natural and subtle side. The consistency is creamy, easy to spread on the hair. It did a good job but I did only use it once.

Cien Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free
I'm running low on nail polish remover, I saw this one in Lidl and I grabbed it. They have two versions of these, I bought the acetone free version and I hope it works okay.

Thank you for reading!

*Products were sent to me


  1. Jaz tudi pogrešam L.O.V. Sploh zato, ker jih spremljam na IG in imajo res dobre LE izdelke. V Avstriji v DMu imajo samo tiste osnovne stvari in teh LE nikoli ne najdem tu čez mejo :/.

    Me res zanima kaj boš povedala o Essence magnetnih trepalnicah. Me mikajo, ampak dvomim v delovanje :D.

    Nivea oljno sončno verzijo sem imela vsako leto, potem pa me je prejšnje leto kar opeklo. Krivim sijoč finiš olja, tako da sem letos kupila mleko verzijo :D. No, sicer sem se tudi malo spekla. Očitno sem pač nagnjena k temu :).

    DEW You Care že razmišljam, da dodam v zbirko. Ta formula mi je tako všeč, verjetno ravno zaradi suhih ustnic in občutka.

    Jaz uporabim Catrice Eyebrow Stylist za osnovno obarvanje obrvi, potem pa grem s Slim'matic tam kjer mi manjkajo obrvi in po robovih. Kombinacija obojega je še vedno moja najljubša. Zato mi je všeč, da so dodali več odtenkov. Prejšnji so bili vsi za bolj svetlolaske. :)

    Avonova gel krema je zaenkrat še vedno moja stalnica za toplejše dni. Sem jo ravno spet naročila. Imam občutek, da je taka formula, ki bo tudi tebi všeč. Ravno dovolj vlaži in ni mastna.

    Hvala za vse omembe :) <3 Upam, da bodo izdelki tudi tebi všeč :).

    1. Sem videla, da imajo ravno zdaj neko super LE, pa se ne spomnim, da bi jo videla, ko sem bila v Avstriji :/

      Sem enkrat probala, ampak ni šlo, si moram res čas vzet s temi trepalnicami :D

      Super je, takšen lep nude odtenek.

      Jaz sem komaj zdaj začela vsak dan uporabljat izdelke za obrvi, tako da ne vem dosti, ampak ta dva sta me prepričala :D Mislim, da bom zaenkrat kar pri teh dveh ostala.

      Avonovo kremo uporablam zdaj vsak večer in mi je top. Super se nanese in zaenkrat se mi zdi, da mi lepo navlaži kožo. :D

      Ni kaj <3

  2. Krtačka od I Love Extreme Curl me zelo spominja na mojo najljubšo Max Factor Voluptious. Mogoče jo pa sprobam kdaj :)

    Se strinjam za Dewy-ful - odlična formula, ampak tako boren izbor odtenkov. 02 sem šla končno pogledat v živo in mi izgleda ok, ampak vseeno bi raje da bi bil še kakšen odtenek vmes med 010 in 020.

    A te Essence tekoče šminke so potem celo mat? Na njihovih swatchih na Essencetv so mi izgledale nekaj takega kot Revlonove Ultra HD in jih zato niti nisem imela namena pogledat.

    1. Sprobala sem jo samo enkrat do zdaj, ker imam še dve drugi na testu, ampak takrat mi je bila všeč :D Bo ocena na blogu :D

      Jaz bi še kakšen nude odtenek, prvi odtenek mi je presvetel, 020 pa mi tudi ni bil nekaj všeč, ko sem ga swatchala :/

      So mat ja, čisto se posuši v manj kot minuti. Ampak je taka zelo lahka formula, skorajda že preveč suha na čase. Ni tako kot naprimer Bourjois, ko ima ono fluffy teksturo.