DM Haul (New In #40)

There were so many new exciting products launching and we were in lockdown, so I couldn't go anywhere. I also live outside of the city, so I don't have any stores here. My wishlist got longer each day and each time that I was on Instagram searching under DM haul and Balea hashtags. When I finally got a chance to go to DM, I got most of the top things from my WL.

L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo
I have repurchased this shampoo numerous of times. I like it because it cleans the hair but it's still very nourishing. I like it especially now when I have been using shampoos for dandruff that can dry out the hair.

Nivea Curl Forming Spray
I didn't fall for the big launching marketing behind these forming hair sprays but when Mateja gave it a green light, only then I decided to buy it. I only used it twice now but I do like it. I like that it doesn't dry instantly, so you have a bit of time to maybe define your curls or waves. It does make the hair a bit hard at first, it's not one of those sprays that you can't feel later on the hair. It also seems to hold the curls well but I can't say much about that because I work out almost every day, so I ruin them with a ponytail anyway. For now, I like it, I don't regret buying it.

Balea Med 15% Urea Sofortpflege Milch 2in1 Regeneration + Feuchtigkeit
Another product that I repurchased many times. It's a great body lotion with urea for dry skin and it's cheap, it's around 3€. It feels lightweight, it doesn't sink into the skin in seconds but it also doesn't need a long time.

Balea Med Ultra Sensitive Shampoo für sensible Kopfhaut
This is a new product. A couple of months ago I got really sensitive scalp and dandruff and I couldn't get rid of it. I did find some shampoos that helped a lot, especially with itching but I still had dandruff. I saw good reviews on this Balea on and I thought I would give it a go, it was only around 3€. I washed my hair a couple of times with it so far and I just can't believe how good it works. After the first time, I didn't have any dandruff left, I wouldn't even believe it if someone told me that. I shampoo my hair twice, this one first and mostly on my scalp and as a second one I use the L'Oreal one. 100% recommend if you have sensitive scalp and dandruff.

Balea Reinigungs Öl
I bought this oil cleanser when it came out and I didn't like it but a lot of people loved it. I needed a new oil cleanser but I didn't know which one to choose and in the end, I went for the cheapest choice. They changed the packaging but I'm not sure about the formula. I do somehow like it now and I use it every day but I don't think I will repurchase, I need to research other cleansers. I feel that I need way too much product with this one. I also only remove my sunscreen and foundation with this one, I don't go near my eyes because it makes my vision very blurry. I prefer Ombia's makeup remover for that.

Sun Dance Teint Selbstbräuner Konzentrat Gesicht & Dekolleté
I didn't even know this existed but in the last couple of weeks, I heard a lot of good reviews about it. When I bought it, it was on sale for around 3€, so pretty cheap. It's a self-tanner concentrate that you can mix with your face cream. On the packaging it says you should apply 1-5 drops, it did two. I liked the effect with just two and I would not dare to do five. With only two I had a feeling it's almost too dark actually. It wasn't patchy of muddy at all.

Balea Hautrein Anti-Pickel Patches
Now that I actually got to test these patches I would say they are pretty similar to Cosrx pimple patches. They only cost 2,49€ and you get more in the pack (36). Recently, I got some pimples, which rarely happens and these worked okay. My brother still says the Cosrx ones are better but I will stick to these cheaper ones.

Balea Aqua Feuchtigkeits Serum
Another repurchase, I just love this serum. It's very lightweight and easy to apply with its pump. I think this is my favourite serum out of all I have tried.

Balea Soft-Öl Dusche für sehr trockene Haut
This was only 99 cents and it said that it's for very dry skin, also the packaging was cute, so I grabbed it. I already tested it and it feels creamy and a bit oily, it definitely is not drying on the skin but for now I wouldn't say it leaves it nourished. The scent is very basic and creamy.

Balea Milde Seife Lovely Peach
I saw two versions of this soap and at first, I wanted to get the other one. I can't remember the scent but it was a pink and girly packaging. I decided on this one because it would suit our bathroom tiles better, I didn't even smell it in the store. It smells like peaches, almost like some ice tea but not as sweet because of the white lily.

Balea Collagen Power Struktur-Elixir
This is supposedly good and affordable protein treatment for hair and I thought I would try it to make my hair stronger. I still have strong hair but according to my hairdresser not at all so much like I did when I was little. My hair was very thick back then and I'm actually glad that it's not anymore because it looks good on long hair but not so much on shorter.

Sun Dance Aloe Vera After Sun Gel
I always have one of these in my collection. It's pretty cheap compared to some other aloe vera gels. I use it after epilation to calm down my skin and I also like to apply it to my skin when I have been on the sun all day.

Balea Rasiergel Iced Berries
Balea's shower gels are always great. Just once I got one that I didn't like, it was the Tropic Papaya version. Just now I realized that the papaya version is actually a shaving foam and not a shaving gel, so that's maybe why I didn't like it. So far all of Balea's shaving gels were thick and foamy but the papaya one was watery and didn't want to foam. This iced berries one is probably my favourite scent yet. On my second trip to DM I also noticed they had a Tropical Summer version, which I didn't get.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Jaz zdaj tudi kupujem Balea olje za čiščenje obraza, ker je vmes Avonovo kar izginilo iz njihovih katalogov. Čeprav tudi jaz porabim kar veliko pumpic tega, ampak ne vem katerega drugega bi uporabljala. Sicer me mikajo azijski, ampak teh zdaj nisem naročala.

    Balea Med linija je super. Res nežna in poceni, kar mi je najbolj všeč. :)

    Te Baleine kapljice za porjavitev še imajo, ali so bile znižane, ker jih ukinjajo? Jaz vsako leto rabim nekaj takega, ker imam obraz vedno zelo bel v primerjavi s telesom :). Sem enkrat imela nek toner in tisti sploh ni bil slab od Balee.

    Njihovi geli za britje so pa itak super. Prava konsistenca za britje pa še vedno imajo zanimive vonje :D.

    Super objava. Mi je všeč da mi ni treba iskati izdelke, ker dobim kar veliko predlogov :).

    1. Sem videla, da je Avonovo zdaj v novem katalogu :D Mene tudi mikajo azijski, ampak še nisem prišla do njih, in pa Oriflamov, ki ga Mateja hvali.

      To pa ne vem, predvidevala sem, da je kakšna lanska zaloga, dvomim, da jih ukinjajo :) Nisem pa zdaj nič več bila v DMu, da bi pogledala. Jaz sem tudi imela toner ampak ga je bilo za mane ful preveč, glede na to koliko sem ga uporabljala. Pa te kaplijce so bolj enostavne za uporabo, vmešaš s kremo, namažeš pa je :D

      Hvalaaa <3