DM Haul Summer 2020 (New In #43)

DM Haul Summer 2020 (New In #43)

Another New In post, this time only with products that I got in DM. I didn't spend much lately, I just bought some basic products and ticked off some from my wishlist.

Sun Dance Lippen Pflege Stift SPF30
I needed a new lip balm with SPF because I lost the one I bought last year. Sun Dance has a few versions but I went with this one because I knew I will like it. It has a sweet sugary vanilla scent. It has a creamy and just enough waxy texture and it helps to protect my lips from the sun.

Trend It Up Contour & Glide Lipliner 210
These were only 99 cents in DM because they are getting discontinued. I have one of their lipsticks and I like it, it's a very basic creamy formula. The shade of the lipliner that I got is called 210 and it's just perfect, probably my favourite lip shade out of all my lipsticks. It's a muted browny nude. I like it because it's just like my lips but way better, it's not too dark or too brown, just perfect. I hope I will still find these somewhere because I will definitely buy ten of them.

Schwartzkopf Got2b Bye Bye Babyhaar
Mateja talked about this product on her blog and I finally tracked it down, I couldn't find it anywhere at first. I have a lot of baby hair and I have been using clear brow gels to tame them but this is so much better. This has a much thinner formula that doesn't make the hair wet and the brush combs the baby hair well. I think it was around 8€ and I thought it was a bit expensive but it's definitely worth it.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced UV Face Fluid SPF50
Again, I bought this because of Mateja. I saw a lot of good reviews about it but then Mateja gave it a green light and I decided to try it. I got it for 10,49€ which is a reasonable price, especially for how good this is. I have been looking for a new face sunscreen because I only have a few uses left of the A'Pieu Pure Block and this one seemed like it would work for me. It has a very light texture and it doesn't feel like a sunscreen at all. I also prefer it to A'Pieu. It does have alcohol high on the list and you can smell it but I feel if you have used the A'Pieu one, it won't bother you. 

Afrodita After Depilation Gel
I've heard so many good things about this after shave/depilation gel but I could never find it anywhere. It's quite pricey in my opinion but I like it. It cools down the skin and helps it to recover. It also claims to reduce hair growth but I wouldn't believe that. I will definitely repurchase.

Afrodita Hair Removal Cream Chamomile (for delicate areas)
I always used Balea's depilation cream but this time I went with Afrodita's because I heard it's good for sensitive skin. I tried it and I didn't like it, it doesn't remove hair as it should, I still prefer Balea's. I only tried it once, so I still need to test it more but so far I don't like it much. One plus is that you need to leave it on for just a minute, with Balea you need to leave it for 5-10 minutes. It's way quicker but if it doesn't remove hair in that time, it doesn't even matter.

Balea Enthaarungs Creme
I have been using this one for years and it works fine. It's also cheap as chips.

Essence What's Your Fruit Mood? TE Mini Scented Nail Polish 02 Be My Main Squeeze!
This was an impulse buy that I regret. Under the lights, it seemed like a peachy nude shade but it's a bright pink shade.. Also, the scented part probably got me to buy it and at the end, it's too strong and it just smells chemically.

Ebelin Gesichtshaarentferner
I think this was (or still is) a limited edition. They had some cute brushes but I wanted this hair removal device for a long time so I got it. It was a couple of bucks but it works really well.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream
Something that was on my wishlist for a while. DM had an offer so I couldn't just walk by. I have been using it for a few weeks and I love it. It's a thicker gel that feels very lightweight on the skin but still very hydrating. This version is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Mixa Extra Rich Body Lotion Cica Repair
I have been using Mixa's cica cream for a few months, I also repurchased it but then I realized I could actually get a whole bottle because I use it so much. I had in my mind that this is the same formula, I didn't look at the ingredients but it doesn't feel the same. It feels more lightweight and not as rich. It's also quite heavily scented and I don't like the scent.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Super, da sta ti got2b babyhaar in Garnier sončna krema všeč :) Upam, da ta krema ostane dolgo v drogerijah in ne bo drugo leto kaj reformuliranega. Lipliner 210 se pa ne spomnim, da bi videla tukaj na tistih poličkah. Super, da ni našla odtenek, ki ti tako ustreza :) Zame je pa čas depilacijskih minil, ker mi nobena ni popolnoma odstranila, zato se že nekaj let zanašam na Balea moško britvico. Tudi epilator ne uporabljam več, ker sem imela grozne težave z vraščenimi.
    Tale cica losjon je pa zanimiv. Sploh ne vem, če sem ga že kdaj videla. Bi bil lahko za nekoga, ki ga poznam in ga stalno srbi koža.

    1. Hvala za priporočila :D <3 TIU lipliner sem še našla v Mariboru in sem še enega vzela + neko šminko v istem odtenku :D
      To pa sem pozabila napisat. Depilacijske uporabljam samo po zgornjem delu nog, po spodnjem delu nog pa res nič ne pobere dol. Sem pa kupila tudi to Balea britvico o kateri si pisala in mi je všeč. Sem nameravala že nekaj časa kupiti moško pa nikoli nisem, zdaj pa vidim, da so dejansko veliko boljše kot ženske.

      Zaenkrat mi je cica losjon čisto povprečen, mi je Bioderma Exomega krema veliko bolj všeč za suho kožo + ta cica losjon ima res ful neko dišavo na žalost.