New In #42

My last New In post was in June and since then I didn't buy a lot of products but they still accumulated, mostly because I got some exciting blogger mail. I divided the post into two parts, part two will only be a DM haul.

Bronx Colors Blogger Mail*
I decided to divide these products into three parts and review a few products at a time. I already posted the first part which includes the strobing palette, the brush and the matte lip tint, you can see it here. Part 2 and 3 are coming in the next few weeks. I like most of the Bronx products, the foundation and the concealer seem to have a great formula but I didn't test them properly yet because I got quite tanned during summer and they are both too light for my skin tone right now. 

Oriflame The One Ultimate Gel Nail Lacquer Rich Goldmine, Nude Sorbet, Lilac Snow and a Top Coat*
These nail polishes are new by Oriflame, I got sent three of them, as well as a topcoat. I only tested shade Nude Sorbet. The formula is easy to evenly apply, you need two coats. It just seems to take longer for it to fully dry. The shade is perfect, it's right up my alley, it's a peachy muted nude.

Miss Alice Cosmetics Serums (Wake Up, Bakuchiol Started Following You and Face It, You Love Me)
I won this in a giveaway that Sandra organized on her Instagram. I was eyeing these serums for a while but they are expensive for the amount that you get, so I never splurged. I have been testing them for a while but I still haven't properly made up my mind about them but there will be a review soon.

CeraVe SA Smoothing Cream and SA Smoothing Cleanser
I bought these two because of Hyram on Youtube. Even since I was little I had keratosis pilaris and it always bugged me so much. Especially since I tend to scratch it and then I get pigmentation marks from the sun. The smoothing cream contains salicylic acid and it should remove dead skin cells and make skin smoother. I use it about once a week now in summer (I'm using a sunscreen of course) and I do see results, I'm glad that I bought it, I would 100% recommend. The cleanser also surprised me, I like it a lot. I feel it cleanses the skin very well but it doesn't over-cleanse it. I'm still testing it but for now, it's great.

Nelipot Angelc Deodorant Stick Lavender & Vanilla*
Nelipot reached out and asked if I would be willing to test their new deodorant and since I really like their products, I said yes. I only used their deodorants in a pot before, never in a stick. I got so used to applying it with my fingers that I didn't even mind it. These come in a stick form, the twisting system works well. I got the lavender & vanilla scented one and I love it, I never knew these two scents can go so good together. I tried it a couple of times and it never failed me, not even during sweaty workouts and running.

Cien Sun Spray Sensitive SPF30
I saw this sunscreen on Petra's Instagram and since my skin started to get really sensitive lately I wanted to try it. Cien is Lidl's own brand, the sunscreen was discounted when I bought it. It's a basic sunscreen but it doesn't leave that thick layer on the skin. I'm used to the Nivea's Sun Protect and Bronze sunscreen oil that I love to use but I'm not really sure how much protection can I get from the oil since I can't really layer it and apply it thicker on the skin. This Cien one is supposed to be for sensitive skin and so far is good, I don't have any complaints. It does have a subtle scent but it's not strong or bothering at all.

Eucerin Sun Allergy Protect Sun Gel-Cream for Face & Body
I wanted to try some Eucerin face sunscreens because I heard good things about them, so I asked for a sample in the pharmacy and they only had this one. It has a similar consistency to the Cien one, I feel it's just a bit lighter. It sinks in fast and doesn't leave a greasy film. It's actually one of the rare sunscreens that feels so light on the skin. Before I got a backup for my face sunscreen, I was debating whether to use this one for my face since it does feel so light, but I never did.

Avon Naturals Aloha Monoi Coconut & Tiare Flower Scented Spritz, Body Scrub and Body Lotion*
I was eyeing this collection in Avon's catalogue because it looks cute and colourful. The scent is very coconut-y and summery with some floral hints. The body lotion has a very lightweight texture that sinks into the skin fast. The scrub is not too gentle but also not too harsh. My favourite is the scented spritz, I really like these sprays from Avon. I use them as perfumes or as room fresheners.

Avon 2-in-One Cushion Cloud Creamy Lip & Cheek Colour Sugar and Spice*
This has quickly become one of my favourites. Not only is the colour gorgeous but the formula is good too. I use it on my cheeks, as well as on my lips. I will do a separate review for this one.

Thank you for reading!

*Products were sent to me


  1. Cerave cleanser je tudi meni všeč. Sem ga uporabljala na morju in zdaj, ko je zunaj še vedno poletno in dobro očisti kožo. Imam občutek, da mi je malo pomagal pri tem, da se mi niso preveč zamašile pore. Na srečo niti ne očisti preveč, kot si sama napisala, tako da ni težav za kakšno izsušenost kože :).

    Trenutno nimam ravno časa za testiranje vseh novosti, ampak se veselim, da preizkusim vse bronx izdelke. Šminka me je do zdaj najbolj navdušila.

    Meni pa ti spraji od Avona niso všeč. Preveč enostranski se mi zdijo, čeprav za sobo so super. Jaz imam sicer raje tisti njihov pillow spray za room refresher, sploh pozimi :).

    Cien kremo sem pa skoraj do konca spraznilla na morju. Mi je prav pasala na kožo, veliko bolj kot vse ostale drogerijske parfumirane. Upam, da bo naslednje leto spet na voljo.

    1. Jaz pa sedaj vedno bolj ugotavljam, da mi CeraVe cleanser mogoče ne odgovarja tako kot sem mislila :/ Rabim še malo časa, da stestiram. Super pa, da tebi odgovarja :)

      Tudi jaz sem zdaj čez poletje testirala manj, ker sploh ne uporabljam več veliko ličil, enostavno se mi več ne da. Bronx mi je malo škoda glede odtenkov, bom pač doma stestirala, ko me noben ne vidi :D

      Pillow spray imam že nekaj časa na WL :D

      Cien krema mi je všeč, je kar taka mazljiva, ampak ne pusti tistega mastnega sloja na koži, hvala za priporočilo :)