Empties #26 (Shower Products)

This is the last skincare empties post for a while, the next few will be makeup products that are old or I just wanted to get rid off.

Balea Gesicht und Bikini Wachsenthaarungsstift
This was a total waste of money because I didn't work at all. They got me with the packaging and the pretty stand in the store but I regret buying it. I don't even know what to say about it because it did nothing.

This lotion was lightweight and it sunk into the skin quickly. It wasn't enough nourishing for me to use it every day but for every other day, it was okay. I still adore the packaging and the scent is nice too.

Balea Rasierschaum Tropic Papaya and Rasiergel Iced Berries
I talked about both of these before. The Rasiergel is cheap but good shaving cream. It's thick and spreads on the skin evenly. The first one (Rasierfoam) was just bad, it didn't foam well at all. All of the other Balea's shaving creams were okay, so I'm guessing the problem is because this one is called "Rasiershaum" and all the others are "Rasiergel". The later one does come out more like a gel that foams when you apply it to the skin.

The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel
I love The Body Shop shower gels, the texture is a bit thicker and creamy, very lovely, but my favourite are their scents. I love their limited edition ones but these regular versions are also amazing. Two of my favourites are this mango one and strawberry.

Afrodita Red Grapes Revitalising Oil Shower Gel
I have probably bought about ten of these grape-scented shower gels, or even more. It just has that candy-like grapes scent that I can't get enough of. The price is also not bad, I usually buy big bottles when they are on sale.

Subrina Cuba Libre Shower Gel
I was saving this one because it was my favourite Subrina shower gel scent and they discontinued it. It smelled exactly like Haribo Cola gummies, which are pretty much the only gummies that I eat. The formula was also nice, similar to TBS but not as creamy.

Balea Duschpeeling Calm Down
I have been buying Balea's peelings for years. I like that they are not overly harsh but I still get the feeling they exfoliate the skin. These also always smell good. I don't use mechanical peelings as much anymore, I prefer chemical peelings, so I probably won't repurchase.

Thank you for reading!

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