December Blogger Mail (New In #45)

December Blogger Mail (New In #45)

I didn't buy much lately, I get a lot of products to test and I don't feel a need to buy more myself. So this new in post is dedicated to some products I received in December, except for one product.

December Blogger Mail (New In #45) Oriflame Blissful Aura Skincare

Avon Blissful Aura Collection (Body Wash, Bath Bomb, Illimunating Hair and Body Mist)*
Oriflame always sents the best packages. They sent me a few of their new Blissful Aura products, a body wash, bath bomb, and a hair and body mist. In the package, there was also a cosy red robe but it's not on the photo. I will probably do a review of these products but for now, I can say that I like them, especially the hair and body mist.

December Blogger Mail (New In #45)

I recieved this cute package from Dominur, thank you so much. It included some products and also some candy.

Hair Wonder Hair Repair Conditioner*
I haven't heard about this brand before, so I didn't know what to expect. I almost used up this conditioner. I tried it as a mask before washing my hair and as a conditioner. It's not bad but it's nothing special either.

Bronx Eyebrow Pen & Smooth Blush Soft Brown*
I reviewed this brown pen before, but in the shade Auburn that was too orange for me but now I got a darker shade that should be soft brown but it's still a bit too red for my browns. It has the same stiff formula and I just don't understand how I could precisely line my brows with it.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Lip Liner Berry Red*
Wet n Wild Megalast Matte Lip Colour Red Velvet*
I haven't opened these two yet and I probably won't. I don't wear red lipstick often because it makes my face look weird because I look much younger than I actually am. If I ever want to wear red lips I have a few lipsticks at home (and I know I like the formula of them), so there is no point in opening these two up, I would rather give them to someone who would use them.

Kinetics Nail Systems Krazy Kat Nail File*
The last thing in this package was a nail file and these always come handy.

December Blogger Mail (New In #45) Balea White Gloss

Balea Cremedusche White Gloss
I guess this is the only beauty product I bought in December? Mateja talked about it on her blog and I needed a new shower gel, so I just grabbed it when I was in DM, I didn't even smell it because I trust Mateja, I feel we have pretty similar taste in scents. I really like the scent, it's a floral-vanilla scent that is not that cheap teenage version vanilla but it's more sophisticated if I say so. It's not overly scented, which I like. As far as the formula of the shower gel goes, it's the same basic Balea creamy gel texture.

December Blogger Mail (New In #45) GlinaSI Clay Mask and Cream

GlinaSi Clay Facial Cream and Clay Facial Mask Rose*
I mentioned on Instagram that I'm almost out of one of my favourite nourishing cream from and Tina kindly offered to send me a new one. I have a review of it here, if you are interested. I also received the new clay mask, called Rose. It's actually pink-purple on the skin and it looks pretty cool. I will do my best to post a review soon.

December Blogger Mail (New In #45) Avon Planet Spa

Avon Planet Spa Radiance Ritual Collection (Foil Face Mask, Rose Luminous Face Serum, Liquid Gold Face Mask)*
I have finally got my skin under control (mostly) so I stuck for the same basic routine for months, introducing a new product here and there, so I haven't tried any of these yet.

December Blogger Mail (New In #45) Catrice Kaviar Gauche 2020

Catrice Kaviar Gauche TE (Pressed Pigment Palette, Highlighter and Multipurpose Brush)*
I also received some products from the new Kaviar Gauche limited edition from Catrice. I adore the packaging, it's gold, blinding and so extra but in a nice way. I love the brush, I still use the kabuki brush from the old Essence TE from five years ago. I just like these small brushes. The highlighter is not my favourite because it's very rose-toned and it doesn't suit my skin. It's a shame because the packaging is gorgeous.

Thank you for reading!

*Products were sent to me

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