Empties #27 (Eye Makeup)

First part of the makeup products that I used up, this time eye and brow products.

Empties #27 (Eye Makeup)

Most of these are some of the best mascaras that I have used. Last year I really found a lot of good ones. I made reviews for all of these on the photo, so I won't go into detail, I will leave links, so you can just click on the name of the mascara that you are interested in and read a whole review with photos of how they look like on my lashes.

I only used one product in this chunky packaging, so I was glad when I finally used it up because it was just taking a lot of space in my drawer. You can see which shade I used, it's a close match for my brows, it looks lighter but the undertone is perfect. I haven't found anything similar for now. The other pans were useless to me and I didn't use them.

Revolution Eye Primer
I think I got this one in an advent calendar. I have used it a couple of times and I liked it but I rarely use eye primers anyway.

Essence Eyeliner Pen
I have repurchased probably ten or more of these, I have been buying them since my high school years. The eye liner is cheap and does the work well. It's black and it doesn't smudge, bleed or fade.

I was saving this one for a special occasion that never came and now it's just old. I really like the shade but it's not something that I would wear on a daily basis.

This is perfect for beginners. It has a very fine tip, so you can be precise. The colour is great for me, it's just like the name suggests, a cool brown shade. It's creamy and it gets used up quickly but for the price and how much I use it these days, I won't complain.

Thank you for reading!