New Rose Clay Mask from GlinaSi

GlinaSi Clay Mask Rose

I talk about GlinaSi products all the time on my blog, so I'm just going to do a quick review of their new product. If you don't know them yet, they are a slovenian brand and they make clay products. Clay is great for the skin because it's natural and full of minerals. I'm going to talk about a clay mask. These are good for cleansing the skin because they have a lot of benefits for the skin and they absorb the oilYou can find a few versions of them on the website, I'm not certain but I think I have tried all of them, even though I always went back to the original grey one, because it doesn't have a scent. I get migraines, so I'm sensitive to strong scents and I just prefer neutral or subtle scents.

GlinaSi Clay Mask Rose

Clay Mask Rose

This time Tina from GlinaSi came out with a  new clay mask, called RoseIt comes in a round plastic container with a cute design as always. One tip - you can send the empty containers back, so they can reuse them. I like to keep the sample sizes for traveling but the bigger ones I send back.

What they say about the Rose mask on the website:
Feel the gentle touch of roses mixed with mineral grey clay and a hint of rosehip, naturally rich in vitamin C. A wonderful blend of three ingredients gently cleanses the skin and contributes to radiant, smooth and more supple skin.

GlinaSi Clay Mask Rose

The clay mask is very finely milled and compared to the classic grey version, this one comes in a subtle rose shade but when you mix it with water, it becomes almost purple. In the mask you also have dust from roses, which are known to be rich in antioxidants and for its antiage effectiveness. I was worried that it would be too scented but it's not, I can smell the rose scent on my face but it's not overwhelming.

In the last year, I had some problems with my skin that I slowly fixed. I started with only a few basic products that I knew don't cause me any irritations or breakouts and I quickly added the weekly clay ritual to it because I was missing it in my routine. I like to use the clay mask once a week and then follow with a clay facial cream, also from the same brand, to give the moisture back to the skin. This does wonders to my skin, it gives it radiance and a healthy glow.
 GlinaSi Clay Mask Rose

I knew I would like the mask even before I tried it, I just adore GlinaSi products. I will probably still stick to the grey version because it doesn't have any scent but for those who like nice scented products, this Rose one will be just as nice and it looks prettier on the face :)

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