Empties (more of a Declutter) #28 (Makeup: Cheeks and Nails)

12. marec 2021

Empties (more of a Declutter) #28 (Cheeks and Nails)

This is more of a declutter than an empties post. While writing this post, I realized that I used to love all of these products, some of these were my favourites back in the days when I just started blogging but are now old and just sitting in my drawers.

Empties (more of a Declutter) #28 (Cheeks and Nails)

I really liked this palette but I just don't reach for it and it takes quite a bit of space in my drawer. The highlighter didn't really show up on my skin but I really liked the blush shades, especially the middle one. I do have some similar shades in my collection, so I rather give the palette to someone else that would use it.

I got two of these Avon's pearls and I used to love them. Now they look a little bit too shimmery for me. I'm still going to keep the darker one to use in summer but this one is a bit too light for me to use as a bronzer.

I used to use this a lot, I love peachy-orangey shades on me when I have some tan. This is just old now, so I'm throwing it away.

Empties (more of a Declutter) #28 (Cheeks and Nails)

I used this so much but now it's gotten quite old and I don't want to use it on my face anymore. I do have a replacement that is pretty similar, these highlighting drops from L.O.V.

Empties (more of a Declutter) #28 (Cheeks and Nails)

Some time ago, I went through my nail polish stack and I got rid of these two. Since I haven't worn nail polish in weeks, or even months now, I need to go through them again because I just don't need them. The first one, Do You Speak Love, I repurchased many times, I loved this shade of red on me. This line from Essence is long discontinued now. The other one was part of the Christmas trend edition a few years back. I mostly kept it for the cute bottle but I didn't use it.

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