December Favourites 2017

I am a bit late with my December favourites, I wanted to do them in December, but I ran out of time. But they are here now. I included a few products that I have been using a lot in December. I will also do 2017 favourites in the next couple of days and a project pan challenge, so stay tuned for that.

Catrice Kaviar Gauche LE Eye Shadow Palette C01 Sans Souci
I really like the dark brown shade and the bronze one in this palette. I mostly use the darkest matte brown one, I always reach for it if I'm in a hurry because it's super easy to blend and I have my makeup done in no time. I have a review of the palette here, I still love it, it doesn't crease and it stays all day on my lids.

I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette
In fall I started using this palette again, because of its gorgeous brown shades. Now in winter, I have been using it more and more. I have seen some reviews of the Makeup Revolution/I Heart Makeup palettes, that they are not good pigmented, but I don't really have any complaints with this one. I'm sure it's not as good as the more expensive palettes, but for me, it seems pretty good. It doesn't crease, it stays all day with a primer and the pigmentation is good. There is also so many brown shades to choose from, perfect for a nude and natural makeup lovers, like me. A review with swatches is here.

Melvita L'Or Bio Extraordinary Hand Cream
I have been using this hand cream a lot lately. I usually never take hand cream with me in my purse, because I normally forget to apply it, but this one is always in my purse or if I'm at home, it's on my bedside table. It nourishes my hands well and it sinks in quickly, leaving a slight film that doesn't feel sticky. I recently talked about it in my Melvita's Gift Set post.

The Body Shop Frosted Plum Body Butter
Probably my favourite out of these products. This is my first body butter from The Body Shop and I am amazed at how good this is. I use it every night before I go to bed and I can still smell it in the morning. I also have a review here.

Avon Skin so Soft
I forgot to take a picture of this, but it is on the first one, so I thought I would just review it here by the skincare products. I used it mostly at the start of the month when I was still saving the TBS body butter. I have been using it mixed with Balea's body lotions for that extra nourishing because my skin got so dry. I used two-three sprays on my legs and I liked the effect. The scent is a bit weird, but I got used to it.

Avon Care Protecting Lip Balm
This has been in my purse since I got it, it's such a tiny lip balm that doesn't take much space. It has a lovely and festive packaging, but the product itself is quite waxy, which I'm not a big fan. But it does smell good.

Melvita L'Or Bio Extraordinary Oil
I switch between using this oil and the Avon one throughout the December. I think I like this one better, mostly because the packaging is so much better with the tiny hole at the top. The Avon's one came with a dropper, but it started to leak quickly. I did order some other bottles on Aliexpress, but after some time, it started to leak too, so it's a pita to use. With the Melvita one, I haven't had problems yet. Review here.

Oriflame The One Disguise Eau de Parfum
This has been my go-to perfume lately. I think I mentioned this somewhere before, but I get migraines, so I don't wear strong scents often anymore. Because of that, this one has been my favourite, the scent is subtle, but it still smells amazing. Review here.

Avon Red Berries Bubble Bath
I almost used this up already. I don't have a bath, so I used it as a shower gel and also a hand soap. Everyone in our house has been loving it. I wouldn't say it's that traditional Christmasy scent, but it's still nice and festive. It foams well.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 44 On Air!
Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer Vino Tinto
I love the combination of these. You can see it on the photo bellow. I just forgot to include the Essence gold nail polish from The Little X-Mas Factory TE on the top picture. I have been wearing my nails like this for almost the whole December, I don't normally do anything fancy with them, but this combination looked quite festive.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Nisem presenečena, da je TBS body butter v tej objavi :D Ti so pa res tako dobri. Si ti slučajno takrat na eventu imela priložnost povohat Vanilla Chai? Me zanima, če je mogoče kaj cimeta notri.

    Zanimivo koliko firm se je letos odločilo za praznični vonj jagod. Avon, Yves Rocher in TBS, pa še je verjetno kakšna. Samo meni so to bolj spomladni vonji.

    Kombinacija na nohtih pa je čudovita :)

    1. Še v 2017 favourites sem ga dala, ker je res nekaj drugačnega od ostalih :D Veš da se ne spomnim za Vanilla Chai, spomnim se, da mi je bil všeč, ne bi pa rekla, da je bilo kaj preveč cimeta notri.

      Jaz sem se že navadila, da imajo velikokrat praznične jagodne vonje. Me niti ne moti, ker obožujem jagode :D

      Hvala <3

  2. Tudi jaz obožujem The Body Shop body butter :D Odlična objava!