Paese Liquid Powder Double Skin Aqua

Paese Liquid Powder Double Skin Aqua 020

I had this foundation for quite a while but only a few months back I decided to try it. The brand is called Paese and I did talk about some of their products on my blog. I tried the white nail polish that everybody raved about but it didn't impress me, but I loved the lip linerToday I will be reviewing a foundation called Liquid Powder Double Skin Aqua. It is supposed to be for dry skin, it contains some vitamins to make the skin healthy looking. It's also supposed to nourish and smooth it. Paese also says that the foundation is waterproof and longlasting

Paese Liquid Powder Double Skin Aqua 020

The foundation comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a big doe foot applicator. I love the applicator, it's not the most sanitary, but it just makes applying the foundation easier. The bottle contains 30ml and costs 25€.

Paese Liquid Powder Double Skin Aqua 020

I got the second lightest shade 20A that is a light warm shade. On my hand it oxidises like crazy, but on my face not so much. It does oxidize quickly, almost immediately when I put it on my face, but after it doesn't change so you don't have to worry about that. It has a yellow undertone and it is slightly lighter than my skin tone, but once it oxidizes it matches my skin tone pretty well.

Paese Liquid Powder Double Skin Aqua 020

The formula is light and creamy, easy to blend, with fingers or with a makeup sponge. The finish is so natural and almost dewy looking, it looks like my skin but more even and glowy, so it's not one of those matte looking finishes. It feels lightweight on the skin, I don't feel it on my face at all. I would say it has a medium coverageAt the end of the day, I don't see any creasing in the lines at all, but it does cake up around my nose and where my glasses sit. It also doesn't seem to fade throughout the day (I do fix it with some powder).

Paese Liquid Powder Double Skin Aqua 020

In conclusion, I really like the foundation, I usually go for very light coverage, so it surprised me that this one looks so natural on the skin. I do have to fix it around my nose and between my eyebrows after a couple of hours but it's not that bad. It's also easy and quick to use since it has a big applicator, it's not sanitary, but it works great. The price is a bit much, I wouldn't repurchase it, you can definitely get something similar or better by cheaper brands like Essence and Catrice or even Bourjois for less money.

Thank you for reading!

*I got the product at a blogger event


  1. Meni je ta super za dneve, ko ima moja koža dobre momente, se mi ne zdi ekstra prekrivna ;) Naredi pa lepo polt. Jaz nisem opazila, da bi na meni oksidirala ;)

    1. Ja je kar prekrivna, ampak mi je všeč ta glowy videz :D In sploh ni očitna na koži :D Meni pa oksidira takoj, ko nanesem na kožo :/