Empties #18

Another empties, this time only skincare and haircare, the next time there will be only makeup products. You can see more Empties posts here.

Balea Schönheitsgeheimnisse Feuchtigkeitsspendende Spüllung Cocos-Waser
I really liked this conditioner, it has a creamy texture that spreads easily through the hair. It managed to keep my hair nourished enough, it wasn't my favourite, but I did like it and bought another version, this time with honey.

Gliss Kur Total Repair Express Repair Spüllung
I have repurchased so many of these. I use it before blow-drying my hair when it's still damp. It has a nice scent to it but it doesn't linger on my hair.

Balea Schönheitsgeheimnisse Feuchtigkeitsspendende Haarmilch
This is from the same line from Balea that the conditioner above, but unlike the conditioner, I didn't like this one. Consistency was very light and it didn't do much to my hair, so I'm not buying it again.

Gliss Kur SOS Intensivkur Liquid Silk
I still have a few of these in my drawers, I got them as a gift and now I'm slowly using them up. I do like them, both that I have tried so far nourished my hair well. I put a lot on my dry hair for a couple of hours before washing and this small packaging normally lasts for two times.

Balea Enthaarungscreme
I loved this cream when I bought it but then I forgot about it. Now in summer, I started using it again. I use it at the top part of my legs because I'm too lazy to shave there. I leave it on for about 10 minutes and in the meantime, I shave the bottom part of my legs. I tried to apply the cream all over my legs but it doesn't do the best job at the bottom part because my hair is so thick there. But I will try it again and apply a bit more cream, I usually do a thin layer. Also, keep in mind, the cream stinks and the whole bathroom smells of depilatory cream afterwards.

Nivea Protect & Shave Rasiergel
I have had this for years probably. I liked the foam, it was thick and nice but the scent was horrible, like those old shaving foams that I remember my mom had 10 years ago, so I just decided to throw it out because I didn't use it.

Balea Rasiergel Pink Grapefruit
This, on the other hand, had such a nice scent, not at all like Nivea's. The foam is just as nice as by the Nivea's one but it's a lot cheaper and Balea always has some nice scents. I already repurchased but a new version.

Oriflame Love Nature Shower Cream Pampering Sesame Oil and Magnolia
I was not a fan of the scent of this one so much, so we all used it up as hand soap. I don't mind the scent so much, but in the shower, I do prefer using sweeter and fruitier scents, especially now in summer.

Avon Senses Sunkissed Moments Pink Grapefruit and Apricot Nourishing Shower Gel
This smelled sooo nice, I loved it, I'm thinking of repurchasing.

Afrodita Why Mask Extreme Hydration Mask
I loved this mask so I already got a replacement. There are two blue versions of these, one is with some hydrating particles or something but I like this one a lot more. It feels cooling on the skin, it's perfect after you come home from the heat. It also moisturises the skin well.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch
I used maybe one or two of these and it worked but my brother uses them more and he says these patches are miracles workers.

COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask
I think Mateja sent me this in a package some time ago. I liked it, it had a nice scent to it. The texture was creamy and slightly thicker. I can't say more because it was only enough for two or three uses.

Oriflame NovAge Smoothening Face Mask
The sheet was thick and eye holes were maybe a bit too small. It felt cooling on the skin, I think even more cooling than some other sheet masks that I have tried. The sheet didn't slip off the face. When I opened it, the sheet was soaking and even when I removed it from my face after half an hour, it was still very wet. I didn't like the scent, it was too artificial and I also didn't notice a big difference in my skin after.

Avon Cica Facial Sheet Mask To Soothe and Restore Glow

Another one that didn't meet my expectations. I had high hopes for it but I just didn't like it so much. It wasn't bad, I just wanted something more. Considering that my skin is not as dry this time of the year as it is in winter, I wouldn't say this is particularly nourishing.

Afrodita Organic Argan Rich Body Butter
This body butter had a thick, almost greasy consistency that didn't feel heavy on the skin and I loved to use. The scent was actually quite fresh.

Afrodita 100% SPA Nourish Gold Therapy Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter Body Milk
This was very nourishing and I loved it during colder months. I did have a problem with the packaging. It has a pump and it was hard to get the product out. When there was still quite a lot of product left, I couldn't get it out, I had to screw the pump every time and scrape the product out. In the end, I gave up and threw everything away.

Clay Ritual Clay Facial Cream
One of my favourites in the colder months. My skin got very dry in winter, so this was my saviour. It has a light coconut scent and the texture is fluffy but when it touches the skin, it melts and becomes oily. Before I used it a few times a week, sometimes even every day but now in summer, I use it once a week or less because my skin doesn't need it so much. I already have a replacement for the colder months.

Balea Wasser Spray Aqua
This feels so good in this heat, even my brother steals these bottles from me. I always had a problem because the packaging is too big to take with me but now I saw that they make a skinnier version that fits better in small bags.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner
I still have some toner left, but I poured it into the Lush packaging because it has a spray cap and it's easier to use. I feel this toner, compared to Lush's, is stronger and usually, it's too much for my dry skin. I use it once a week or less when my skin is feeling dull but not more because it dries it out.

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter
The scent of this TBS collection is one of my favourites ever. It smells like freshly baked vanilla sugary cookies, it smells nice and cosy. The texture was nourishing and I was saving it for so long, but then TBS had a sale and I got myself another one. I have a full review of the Vanilla Pumpkin collection here and it's a shame that it was only a limited edition.

Thank you for reading!