Empties #22

I accumulated a lot of empties again. This time more skincare stuff because I finally had time to go through my collection and gather almost empty products so I could completely use them up. I also found some old tanning products that I decided to throw away.

Butters Strawberry Butter
I talked about these body butters a lot on my blog, so I will just leave a link to some posts. The strawberry one is my favourite, it's the only scent that I repurchased and already have a backup. It smells just like strawberry ice cream.

Yanumi 100% Organic Karite Vanilla Shea Butter
I had this one for years, I mostly used it on any dry areas. It's similar to Butters but it doesn't smell as nice. I got used to it but my mom still can't stand it so I would say it's not for everyone. I would definitely repurchase but I already have a few products from Butters that I want to finish first.

Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishments Morrocan Argan Oil Nourishing Hair Serum
I go back and forward with this one. It's a great hair oil but I like to mix my products a bit, so it took me a while to finish it but I already have a backup. It has a thicker consistency and nourishes my dry ends well but it can quickly look too much on my hair.

Balea Schönheitsgeheimnisse Stärkende Spüllung Manuka Honig
This was surprisingly good but it's not as nourishing as Pantene's conditioner. It has a creamy texture and smells nice, it has a warm and creamy honey scent.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Bain Shampoo
I had these samples for a while but I don't know why I was saving them. I had one sample size for two washes. In terms of the effect, I really liked it, the effect seemed the same as by the L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil, this one is maybe a bit more nourishing but in my mind not really worth so much more money.

Avon Merry Little Plum Bath & Body Wash
Avon's shower/bath products are always nice. This one had a light creamy texture and the smell was amazing, like Christmas in the bottle. I love plum scented products, so I might repurchase it in the winter if they will still have it.

Afrodita Red Grapes Oil Shower Gel
This is my most repurchased shower gel, I never get bored of the scent. It smells like red grapes, almost like candy, it's very sweet actually. I did see that a lot of people don't like it because it's so strong but I love it.

Melvita Rose Floral Water
I saved this one like it was gold. I am not a fan of floral scented product but this smells sooo good and feels sooo good as a face mist. I need to repurchase this. I would say it's worth paying a few extra bucks, especially since I had this little bottle for so long but if anyone has found a cheaper alternative, let me know.

Saffee Hydration Booster Serum
I already mentioned this in my post about Notino. I really liked it, it was lightweight but nourishing, it didn't leave a sticky film on the skin. I disliked the scent but it wasn't so strong that it would bother me. I also loved the cap with the pipette, it worked perfectly and it looks fancier.

Saffee 2-phase Micellar Water
Another product from Saffee that I liked. It has a milky consistency and it removed everything okay, I didn't test it to see if it removes mascara. It didn't cause me any irritations or breakouts. I also liked the packaging, it was convenient to open.

Sun Dance Selbst Bräunungs Tonic
I was cleaning my drawers and I found these tanning products that expired, they also looked weird and I didn't want to take a risk and use them. The tonic was okay, I liked it a lot but I just used it at the start of summer last year or even two years ago and most of the product was still there. There is too much product for me to use up, that's why I bought the tanning drops from the same brand instead this year.

Aveo Bräunende Body Lotion Sun Kissed
Also, surprisingly good, considering this costs around 1-2€. It didn't look weird or orange or anything but it smelled horrible.

Avon Sun+ Magic Tan Self-tan
This is one of my favourite self-tanning products, if not my favourite. It's a foam that's very airy and fun to use. I didn't experience anything bad with it, also considering I just spread these tanning products on my body without thinking about the consequences if I'm not careful.

Nelipot Lublen
I got this sample size on a blogger event some time ago. It can be used for different purposes, I used it on my legs when my skin was very dry. It's okay, nothing special, I prefer my other body oils for nourishment. Also, I didn't like the scent.

Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer 10 Nude
This has been my go-to concealer before I started using the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer. I almost used it up, I took out the stopper and there was plenty left but after a while it got bad and started to smell weird. I still have an unopened one somewhere as a backup.

Thank you for reading!