New In #46

This time the haul is a bit smaller than usual. I have just been buying some products that I needed (some repurchases that I didn't even include here because I talk about them all the time) and some that I thought were dupes and could replace some higher-priced products.

New in 46: Balea Trocken Shampoo (for dark hair)

Balea Trocken Shampoo (for dark hair)
I bought this one because I heard very good things about it, some people even said it was a dupe for Batiste (also on the photo). To me this was a fail, it's not terrible, but compared to Batiste this one is nothing. First of all, the colour is light brown and it's not dark enough for my hair, so I really have to be careful to brush it out. Secondly, it has a very strong scent that just lingers in the room even if I leave the window open for a few hours. The effect is not bad, it does help with the grease but I'm sticking with Batiste.

New in 46: Balea Kopfhautbalance Ansatzbalsam

Balea Kopfhautbalance Ansatzbalsam
I almost completely got rid of dandruff but I still have a very dry scalp, mostly at my hairline, Mateja also liked this product, so I wanted to try it. It's a soothing cream for the scalp and it does help. It feels like a thicker gel but you do need quite a lot of it if you want to cover your whole head, so this tiny tube won't last you long. In the end, it doesn't matter, because I think it's discontinued. It's a really good product for a good price, I really liked it for when my scalp was itchy, it's a shame that they discontinued it.

I have been searching for this cream in DM's but I couldn't find it anymore, so I ordered it on Notino. I use it for everything - for the face, for dry hands or any dry skin because it's amazingly nourishing but isn't greasy.

A cream that I have repurchased quite some times over the last year or so. More here.

Balea Berries Cremedusche
A basic Balea shower gel, a nice texture that foams well. The scent is very sweet and berry-like, it reminds me of warmer days and summertime. You just can't go wrong with a Balea shower gel, they are cheap and they always have some fun limited editions.

Baby Love Reinigungsgel
I was eying these hand sanitizers at DM, they always have some cute limited edition ones but I never got any because I always had in my mind that I pay 3-5€ just for the packaging. Well, this one was around 1,5€ and I decided to buy it but I regret that I didn't get a different version. This one has a very sweet, almost spicy, scent that I just don't like. The packaging is cute and useful though.

New in 46: Balea Styling Finishing Stick

Balea Styling Finishing Stick
I love my Got2b Bye Bye Baby Hair styling mascara and I heard about this stick from Balea being the dupe but it's not, it's a big fail. The Got2b one has just enough product on the wand for my baby hair and doesn't clump my hair but the Balea one has tons of excess product and sticks my hair together more than a hair spray. Also - Got2b holds my hair for days and it looks like I have nothing on my hair but when I use the Balea one it's obvious - like I have used a ton of hairspray. Plus, the Balea one just smells awful.

New in 46: Balea Rasiergel Find Me Under The Palm Trees LE

Balea Rasiergel Find Me Under The Palm Trees LE
The same as for Balea's shower gels goes for Balea's shaving creams, you just can't go wrong with them. It comes out like a gel and it foams up. I'm not a fan of this limited edition scent though, it smells slightly like coconuts but mostly "soapy" if I say so. As soon as I saw it smells coconutty, I knew I wouldn't like it but the packaging sold me.

New in 46: Oriflame The One Colour Unlimited Ultra Fix Lipstick Ultra Nude

Oriflame The One Colour Unlimited Ultra Fix Lipstick Ultra Nude + Lipstick Case*
I got three of the Unlimited Ultra Fix lipsticks to test but two of them were red shades, so I gave them away on Instagram. Now, that I have been testing the nude shade for a while, I can say that I slightly regret it because the formula is great (even though I don't wear red shades at all). The formula is creamy and it doesn't seem to emphasize dry patches. It sets quickly and doesn't feel dry on the lips (my lips are in good shape right now). It's also longlasting but still easy to remove. The shade Ultra Nude is my-lips-but-better kind of shade but slightly pinkier than my lips. In the package there was also a lipstick case, I saw these key-chain cases for lipsticks and other things everywhere and I think it's a nice idea. If you are interested, Mateja has a whole review with swatches on her blog.

Thank you for reading!

*Products were sent to me


  1. Mixe ni več na zalogi v DM? Vem, da menjajo embalaže, ker sem videla že nove v Müllerju, ampak nazadnje ko se bila so pri nas še bile. Bo nova Cica Repair in še nekaj drugih Cica izdelkov, če bo vse pri nas.

    Ok, vidim, da ti je Balea hair maskara podn :D Al mene ni treba poslušat, ko opisujem, da je nekaj lahko, ker nimam pojma. Na moje lase lahko zmečem tone stvari, pa mi je vse prelahko. Sicer sem pisala, da ima krtačka od Balea preveč gor.

    Oriflame šminka je pa odlična. Hvala za linke :)

    1. Pardon, sem spregledala komentar. Iščem že kakšne pol leta, vse ostalo je na zalogi, ampak Cica kreme pa nikoli, ne v Mariboru in ne na Ptuju :/

      Maskaro pa sem tudi sama videla na IG in sem jo imela že prej na WL :D Ugotavljam pa, da ta Got2b itak dolgo zdrži in glede na učinek je vredna malo več :D

      Z veseljem :D