Empties #11

Essence Mattifying Compact Powder
My favourite powder ever, I repurchased a lot of these. I used it up some time ago and I already have a backup.

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray
I can't say much about this. I tried it when I got it a long time ago, I ordered it when Makeup Revolution came to Slovenia, but I didn't like it, I don't really remember why, I think the scent was too strong and alcoholic. Since then it was sitting in my drawer, now I just decided to throw it out.

Alpstories Cleansing Gel
Probably one of my favourite discoveries this year, I love this cleansing gel. I always preferred gels over foams or any other products for makeup removing. It has a scent, but a got used to it quickly. It is a gel like it says and it foams well. It doesn't clean the mascara, I normally used it as a second cleanse, to remove everything that was left on the skin. I didn't notice that it would dry out my skin and it never caused me any irritations, my skin basically loved it.

Balea Erfrischendes Washgel
Do I need to even say more about it? I talked about it on my blog numerous of times, here is one of the posts. For traveling, I always use these travel sizes, because the normal size is huge to take with me.

Avon Nutra Effects Miracle Glow Facial Oil
Again, one of my favourites, I especially loved it in colder months. But the packaging was horrible. The cap broke after a couple of uses and it was hard to open. Then the squishy thing just tore apart, so I just ordered a small glass pipette bottle on Aliexpress and I put the oil in there. I have only a very small amount left, so I need to order another one.

Alpstories Cold Pressed 100% Pure Apricot Oil
Another favourite for dry skin. I used it on my face and it didn't break me out or anything. Again, I still have a little less of a bottle of this, but I put it in a glass bottle, because this one was leaking on top.

Tony Moly Pokemon Hand Cream Jigglypuff
Like I said before, this hand cream had such a nice scent, it's a shame there is only so little in the sample size.

Luke Charcoal Nose Cleaning Strips
I made a mistake and removed this when it wasn't completely dry, so I suppose that's why it didn't work.

4 Kids and Us Anti-Cellulite Milk
First, I can't tell you if this works for what it's meant for, but I enjoyed using it. It has a nice consistency, not thick and not runny. It has a cooling effect and it felt that it moisturized my skin quite well. I also liked the fresh minty scent.

Balea Magic Fairytale Body Lotion
Sometimes I loved it and sometimes not so much. It had a strong floral raspberry scent. It moisturized the same as any other Balea body lotion, so I wouldn't say it's for very dry skin.

Avon Senses Joyful Topics Papaya & Peach Shower Cream
I have a review here. I like these shower gels, the scents are always nice, but I always have a problem with the packaging. It is hard to open the cap, especially under the shower.

Balea Peeling Orange & Minze
Not my favourite, it's nice, but I'm not the biggest fan of the minty scent. Otherwise, it's the classic Balea peeling and I liked it.

Avon Naturals Coconut & Starfruit Shower Gel
I got this last year, but only used it up recently. It is a perfect shower gel for Summer. At first, the scent wasn't my favourite, but at the end I loved it, it was perfect for this weather. I like this cap way better than by the Avon Senses one, I didn't have problems with this one. More here.

Avon Rose Bouquet Bubble Bath
I wasn't really keen on the floral scent, but the bottle is adorable. I used it as a hand soap, it was a bit too liquidy, but it worked. It foams well and the scent stays on the skin for like a half an hour.

Phyto Phytocitrus Color Protect Radiance Shampoo
I didn't like this shampoo at all. It has a light and liquidy consistency that just slips through fingers. I didn't like the scent and I have a feeling it dried out my hair.

Lavera Repair & Pflege Kur
I divided this into two parts and applied it on my hair two times before I washed them as a pre-treatment. It was actually quite good, I liked it.

L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Conditioner
I am a fan of the Elseve shampoo, but of the conditioner not so much. I much prefer my Garnier conditioner, it leaves my hair feeling softer.

Essence Glitter in the Air TE Nail Polish Remover Gel
I couldn't wait till this was empty. It should remove glitter nail polishes better, but for me, it was the same as any other nail polish remover, just in a gel consistency, which I didn't like. I also needed to use quite a lot for it to remove my nail polish. I much prefer regular nail polish remover or the sponge one.

Subrina Cuba Libre Shower Gel
Afrodita's Red Grapes shower gel is still my number one shower gel, but this one is close behind. I already mentioned it before, but it smells like Haribo Happy Cola candy and I love those. It is a slight problem with the shower gel, every time I use it, I get hungry haha.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Balea Peeling Orange & Minze gre na seznam za kupit, ker obožujem vonj body butterja. Vsaj upam, da je isti. Saj je še v prodaji, a ne?

    Cuba Libre iz Subrine so pa nehali proizvajat :/

    1. Piling sem že pred nekaj časa porabila, ampak zdaj ko voham body butter se mi zdi, da je piling vseeno imel malo bolj sladek in pomarančni vonj. Ne vem pa če je še v prodaji, mislim, da ko sem pred kakšnima dvema mesecema kupovala novega, da še je bil, zdaj pa ga več nisem zasledila.

      No, še dobro, da imam enega še na zalogo :)