Empties #13

Avon Red Berries Bubble Bath
I have talked about this bubble bath a lot recently, I also put it in my December Favourites. As I said before, I don't have a bath, so I used it as a hand soap and it was nice to use. It foams well and smells divine. 

Balea Mystic Fantasy Dusche & Creme
It took me so long to finish this shower gel. I bought it because I thought it would smell amazing. It wasn't bad at all, but I wanted more of a mandarine scent. Overall, it's a basic Balea shower gel.

Avon Bubble Gum Bubble Bath
This bubble bath smells exactly like those Bazooka chewing gums that we had when I was a child, very sweet and sugary. At first, I wasn't so keen on the scent, it is quite strong, but I got used to it and now I actually miss it in my bathroom. Again, I used it as a shower gel and hand soap. The consistency was nice, quite thick and it foamed well. Also, the bottle is huge, so it lasted for some time.

Balea 15% Urea Sofortpflege Milch
This body milk is the only product that I have used on my arms for the past two years or so (I have a mild skin condition called keratosis pilaris). It has quite a thick consistency, it does need some time to sink into the skin and it leaves a film after. I like that it's not scented, it has a neutral and gentle scent.

Balea Quirliger Kolibri Handlotion
If I'm honest, I bought this just because of the packaging, not really because of the design, but because of the pump. It does smell nice, but I got bored of the scent quickly. It is a basic Balea hand cream and at the end, I actually used it as a body cream to finally use it up. The pump was very handy and was really easy and quick to use.

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder
I already bought a replacement of this bronzing powder. I have used this one for years, it was my go-to bronzer, it blends nicely and it smells amazing, like coconuts.

Melvita Nectar de Roses Infusion Hydrating Day Cream
I got this sample of Melvita's cream somewhere and I finally tried it. It has a thick texture. The scent was quite strong and floraly, I didn't like it. It did feel nourishing on the skin, but I can't say more, based on this little sample.

Avon Advance TECHniques Shampoo
Not my favourite shampoo. I found it cleanses the hair well but it doesn't do anything other for my hair. The scent was nice, the texture is quite runny and it doesn't foam much.

Balea Schönheitsgeheimnisse Feuchtigkeitsspendendes Shampoo
I did really like this one. I will probably repurchase it, I'm not sure yet. I love the conditioner from the same line (which I also used up but forgot to include in the photo), but I think I will rather buy my trusty L'Oreal or Subrina shampoos.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 37 Serendipity
I loved this shade when I bought it, I made a post about it here. It is a perfect light grey shade with some lavender undertones. After some time I completely forgot about it, I always chose other shades before this one, but I still didn't want to get rid of it. At the end the formula got thick and now I have to throw it away.

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  1. Jaz sem pa ful zadovoljna z Avon izdelki za lase, prav presenetljivo :D

    1. Jaz sem z njihovimi olji in spreji za lase zelo zadovoljna, ampak ta šampon pa mi ni ustrezal :)