Products I Want To Use Up in 2020

I did one of this Products I Want To Use Up project in 2018. I also tried to do it last year but I failed, so this time I'm also posting it here so I have it written down, it's easier to stick to it. And it's interesting to see how much I've really used at the end. I decided to do it until the end of the year. These are the products that I really want to finish. Maybe I will put some more products in the project, it depends on how it goes.

Avon Care Multipurpose Cream for Face, Hands and Body
I liked this one at first but it's such a basic coconut scent that I got bored of quickly. Now I'm just trying to use it up, I already used up half of it, so it shouldn't take very long. It's a nice cream though, the texture is thicker and well nourishing but my skin sometimes still needs more.

Afrodita Organic Argan Nurturing Oil
Last year I managed to use up the Swedish Spa oil from Oriflame and this year I moved to Afrodita's. I like the oil, it has a nice rich scent and it's great for dry skin. I usually mix it with a cream, like the one from Avon, to give my skin more nourishment. It sinks in fairly quickly.

Avon Luxe Silken Lip Perfector Rose Tint
I had this one for quite a long time so I need to finish it. It comes in such nice packaging that I first thought it's a lipstick in it but it's a tinted lip balm. It's actually nice, it's not one of those heavy creamy lip balms, it's very lightweight and it gives some colour to the lips.

Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter 040 Dew You Care?
I raved about this one so much, I love it. It's almost empty and I already have a backup so I thought why not just put it in my project too.

Paese Liquid Powder Double Skin Aqua 20A
I used to use this one on an everyday basis but then I got other foundations to test and I forgot about it. I don't have much left so I want to use it up. I really liked the big applicator that came with the foundation, even though it's not the most hygienic.

Catrice HD Active Performance Primer
I wanted to put one primer in this project because I have way too many and I can't just get rid of them. This one seemed like the one I would really enjoy in summer because it's very liquidy and it applies quickly.

Colourpop No Filter Concealer Light 16
The same thing goes for concealers, I have so many that I really need to start to use them up. The first one is this one from Colourpop because I heard they go bad quickly. I love the texture of this one, it's so smooth and creamy, it also blends very well.

Avon Far Away Rebel Eau de Parfum
Again, too many fragrances in my collection. I gave away a lot but I also kept too much because I can't get rid of them, even though I normally stick to one or two scents. I decided to start with smaller sizes and see how it goes. Top notes of this one are black currant and whipped cream, the middle is orange blossom and the base are toffee and chocolate.

Avon Naturals Vanilla & Sandalwood Scented Spritz
I think I actually bought this myself and I do enjoy using it but it's a bit old now and I have to empty it. It's a very sweet and sugary scent, so I don't need a lot. I actually spray it in my room sometimes as air freshener.

Thank you for reading!

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