Empties #30

I have a drawer full of empties again, so I mostly took the bigger stuff for this post to make some room. In this post, you will find a mix of everything - haircare, skincare, body care and lip care.

These two are some of my most used-up and repurchased products ever. For years I have been using clay masks (this one or one from Avon) once a week. I always follow with a clay facial cream to give the skin some nourishment. The cream is very fluffy and a bit oily but it doesn't break me out. I use both about once or twice a week.

    Balea MED Ultra Sensitive Washgel
I bought this when I couldn't find my favourite Balea's Washgel. This one is more of a thicker gel, compared to the regular version and it doesn't foam as well. I liked it but I still prefer the regular one. I feel they both dry out my skin a little bit, so I'm currently searching for a new one.

Balea Straffende Folientuch Augenmaske
I had this since last year and I decided to finally use it up. Although it felt good on the skin, it did nothing really.

I used this quite a lot but it still has some products left in the packaging but it's gotten old now. It had a clear and thicker gel formula that applied easily with fingers. It felt nice and refreshing on the skin.

I gave you a link to a whole review but to sum it up - a thicker creamy gel formula that foams well and smells warm/fruity.

This was an amazing formula, thick but easy to spread. It nourished my skin well but it didn't leave a greasy film. The scent was something different - it wasn't a basic scent - it smelled a bit spicy, I loved it. It costs around 5€ but it can easily compare to TBS for example (I would say TBS's butters are pretty similar in texture).

Langhaarmädchen Intense Repair Conditioner
I was very surprised with this one. I bought this tester size when it was discontinued at DM and I thought it looked cute. I also saw some good reviews on Instagram. The texture is creamy and more lightweight but it still nourished my hair well. I noticed that my hair dried a tad softer and with less frizz when I used it. I would repurchase but they discontinued it.

Hair Wonder Hair Conditioner
This was an average conditioner that didn't do much for my hair. I used it as a pre-wash treatment and I didn't notice any difference. The tester bottle lasted me a few uses - around four to five.

A long-time favourite. I used it at night and it did a good job at nourishing my lips. I wanted to repurchase it but I didn't want to order from Avon just because of one small thing. I actually found something better that I saw on Mateja's blog - a Conditioning Lip Serum from Blistex. It's not an oil but it works better.

This was such an interesting product but I never really used it. It's a sugar scrub and balm in one. I didn't use it as a balm because I was annoyed with the scrub that was left on my lips. I didn't use it as a scrub either because I always forgot.

This is very old (it was in my January 2018 favourites), one of my first and only Lush products that I tried. I remember buying it on sale for about 4€. I loooved the scent, it smells like Haribo Cola gummies but nicer. I liked it, it's a scrub but it leaves a thin oily layer on the lips.

Thank you for reading!