31. december 2016

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23. december 2016

Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm with Organic Honey

Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm with Organic Honey

Today I'm going to talk about a product that Oriflame has kindly sent to me. Before I even got it, I saw a picture on Instagram and I thought this would be interesting to try out. It is a Tender Care Protecting Balm. There is quite a few versions of this balm out, I'm not even sure how many. I got a Organic Honey Protecting Balm. At first I thought it's a lip balm, but then I figured it out it's also for dry skin patches, eyebrows and more. It have mostly used it as a lip balm.

21. december 2016

Avon True Color Perfect Reds Lipstick in Lava Love

Avon True Color Perfect Reds Lipstick in Lava Love

Everyone lately has been raving about Avon's lipstick. I never paid much attention to them, because I'm not really the biggest lipstick fan. Then Avon came out with Perfect Reds line and they kindly sent me two products, I already have a nail polish review here). the other one was this lipstick. Like I said I'm not the biggest lipstick fan, if I wear a lipstick it's normally a nude shade, so this was something new for me. I just find that red doesn't suit me.

19. december 2016

New In #17

Essence Stay All Day Translucent Powder

Essence Stay All Day Translucent Fixing Powder
This was on my wishlist since it was released, but everytime when I was in a drugstore I completely forgot about it.

Essence Glitter in the Air TE Nail Polish Remover Gel Ultra Strong
This cought my attention because it should remove glitter nail polishes better.

17. december 2016

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 44 On Air!

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 44 On Air!

I didn't even know Essence had this nail polish in their range and even from the very beginning. I love nail polishes like this for the festive season. I have a review on some of the nail polishes from The Gel Nail Polish range here.

15. december 2016

Winterlicious Tag

Hello again. I actually managed to post on my blog every other day till now and I'm proud about it. I decided to post a tag, because it's easier to do than an actual post. I am feeling a bit ill and I am not really in a mood for anything right now. It was fun to do it, I think Bethany Mota on Youtube is a creator of the Winterlicious Tag and every year I see a lot of bloggers/vloggers do it, so I thought I would do it to.

13. december 2016

Vipera Elite Matt Lipstick and Elite Lip Gloss

Vipera Elite Matt Lipstick and Elite Lip Gloss

I have heard about Vipera products before, but I have never tried anything. I got a lipstick and a lipgloss on SummerMBeauty blogger event. First, I want to say that I wasn't really impressed with them, but I still decided to do a quick review.

11. december 2016

Avon True Colour Perfect Reds Nailwear Pro+ in Red Bombshell

Avon True Colour Perfect Reds Nailwear Pro+ in Red Bombshell

When I got this nail polish I was very excited, because I love red shades on nails and I only have one similar shade to this one. Avon True Colour Perfect Reds Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel line has 7 shades of red, which is perfect, you can never go wrong with red nails. Red Bombshell  is a stunning bright red shade and it comes in a square glass bottle with white writing and a black cap. You get 10ml of product in the bottle and it normaly costs 5.90€.

09. december 2016

Favourite Christmas Movies

Favourite Christmas Movies | Lana Talks

The Santa Clause
This is just a classic every year. I never get tired of it. My favourite is the first movie, when Charlie was so little and cute and so excited over his dad being Santa.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
I love the storyline behind this movie. Even though you're different that anybody else, you can celebrate Christmas. This year, I haven't watch it yet, but I will for sure.

Weihnachtsmann & Co. KG
I decided to put two cartoons in my favourite Christmas movies too. I loved watching Weihnachtsmann when I was little and I will definitely go on Youtube and just watch a couple of episodes. The storyline is about a Santa's workshop, where three elfs prepare toys and there are two bad people who try to ruin everything.

Home Alone
I watched this movie every year, especially the first and second one. When my brother was little everyone has told him he looked like Kevin, but I never saw it. I hate how by us in Slovenia on television they don't even care anymore about these movies, they put the third movie on first, then the first one... Without any order.

Niko The Flight Before Christmas
I'm a big child at heart. Especially when it comes to Christmas and Christmas movies. I think it was last year when I first watched Niko and this year I already watched it in November. We probably can all agree that the little reindeer is so cute? Haha.

There are a lot more of Christmas movies that I like to watch, but I chose a couple that I couldn't wait to watch again this year. What are your favourite Christmas movies? Thank you for reading!

07. december 2016

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist | Lana Talks

05. december 2016

Trojni Užitek Pecivo / Triple Pleasure Dessert

Trojni Užitek Pecivo / Triple Pleasure Dessert

03. december 2016

Oriflame The One Color Unlimited Eye Shadow Stick Sahara Bronze

Oriflame The One Color Unlimited Eye Shadow Stick Sahara Bronze Review

I don't really use eyeshadow sticks, I only have one from Catrice, that I made a review here. I didn't use that one a lot, because it's such a light shade that just blends into my skin and it barely shows up on my eyes. But this Oriflame eyeshadow stick made me fell in love with them. 

01. december 2016

30 Blogmas Post Ideas

Blogmas Post Ideas | Lana Talks

If you don't know what Blogmas is, it's when bloggers post every day from the start of December till the actual Christmas, the posts are usually Christmas related. I love reading Blogmas and also watching Vlogmas (where Youtubers post a video everyday). I want to do Blogmas so much this year, I feel really inspired, but I won't have time to do it. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, so I will try to post at least every two days, so kind of a 12 Days of Christmas. I will also try to post more on my Instagram, you can follow me on there, my username is @lanatalksblog. For the first day of Blogmas I prepared a list of Blogmas post ideas, so if you decide to do it, you have some ideas. I already have some prepared from the list.

Thank you for reading!

21. november 2016

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer 020 Light Beige

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

I don't think I have ever heard anyone talk bad about this product. Everyone loves it and so do I. I bought it to cover up my dark circles, that I always get, especially at this time of the year. I also use it if I have any imperfections, I apply it and the blend it with my beauty sponge and it seems to work fine, though it is slightly lighter than my skin tone. I bought the shade 020 Light Beige, but you can also get 005 Light Natural and 010 Porcellain.
Catrice already had, I think it still has, something similar before, it was a camouflage cream. I had it  and I didn't like it. It was good at first, but a bit too thick and it dried really fast. So I thought I would buy the liquid form.

14. november 2016

Essence The Little X-Mas Factory TE Nail Polish

Essence The Little X-Mas Factory TE Nail Polish

I made a whole preview on The Little X-Mas Factory TE by Essence here. When I first saw photos of this collection, I wanted to have all, because it's Christmasy and I love this time of the year. When I saw it live in the store, nothing really impressed me, except these two nail polishes, that will be perfect for winter and Christmas time.

09. november 2016

Trend It Up Double Volume and Shine Nail Polish 090

Trend It Up Double Volume and Shine Nail Polish 090

I already talked about Trend IT UP products before here. I liked the nail polishes and DM had some discounts, so I had to get another one, I chose shade 090 because it looked perfect for fall time.

03. november 2016

October Favourites 2016

October Favourites 2016

I decided to try doing the monthly favourites. I probably won't have time to do it every single month, but we will see. So, let's go to the actual post. I actually forgot to include a couple of products that I have been using a lot in October, but I did include the most important ones.

31. oktober 2016

New by Essence: The Little X-Mas Factory, Glitter in the Air and Advent Calendar!

The Little X-Mas Factory

Preview Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Trend Edition

Dear Santa! essence has received all Christmas wish lists and Santa’s hardworking elves are doing everything in their power to prepare the perfect surprise. The result: the new trend edition “the little x-mas factory”, which will be available in stores from November to December 2016 to make all your beauty dreams come true. Classical colors like gold or pine green are combined with cool pink. The absolute X-MUSTS are the eyeshadow palette, two mini hand creams with Christmassy fragrances and the “shimmering stars”. Season’s greetings from essence!

26. oktober 2016

New In #16

New In #16 Trend It Up

22. oktober 2016

Kiko Nail Lacquer 338 Light Lavender

Kiko Nail Lacquer 338 Light Lavender

When I was in Seiersberg (by the way, you can see my Primark haul here) I just had to visit Kiko store. I was never there before, so of course, I was excited. I have read a lot of good reviews on some of their products, but I didn't make a wishlist, which I regret, because there were a few things on sale and I didn't know what to buy, so I ended up buying just one nail polish. I even regret not checking nail polish swatches beforehand, I was sure I wanted this one and some more, but I couldn't decide. There weren't even so many of them, like I saw in the online store, so I was a bit disappointed.

18. oktober 2016

Preview Catrice Victorian Poetry LE

Preview Catrice Victorian Poetry LE

Simple Opulence. Magnificent decorations and detailed stucco ornaments are characteristic of the extravagant Victorian era. The Limited Edition “Victorian Poetry” by CATRICE awakens a yearning for the glamour of these bygone days from November 2016 to January 2017. Many fashion designers are reinterpreting the luxurious elegance with slim-cut dresses and frill collars combined with modern, slightly transparent fabrics. These collections provide the inspiration for the Limited Edition, which is dominated by gentle apricot, warm nude and grey tones, lilac as well as berry shades. Plain Magnificence – by CATRICE.

1. Beauty Purse: Royal Highness. This little purse is ideal for “on the go” - it offers just enough space to store the most important beauty & lifestyle accessories. Its high-quality metal clasp and unique look make it absolutely indispensable!

2. Eye Shadow Palette: Victorious Beauty. Six highly pigmented powder eyeshadows with a silky texture. The diversity of the shades in the palette ensure versatile eye make-up styles. Available in C01 NostalCHIC.

3. Satin Matt Nail Lacquer: Pretty Ornaments. Five nail polishes in the latest shades with a convincing silky matt finish. The extraordinary design of the bottle and the gift tags create a festive flair. Available in C01 Berry British, C02 Poetic Pink, C03 Apricot Epoch, C04 Noble Nude and C05 Royal LavendERA.

4. Matt Powder Liner: Grey Smokiness. The matt-grey powder kajal has loose pigments and is easy to apply thanks to the fine sponge applicator. Smokey cat-eyes are guaranteed! Available in C01 AristoMATTic.

5. Highlighting Pebbles: Ray of Light. Fine shimmer pebbles in various sizes and different shades give the complexion a soft-focus effect while light reflecting pigments ensure a radiant glow. Available in C01 Queen Victoria Is Amused.

6. Satin Matt Lip Colour: Lip Lyric. Long-lasting lipsticks with a high coverage in dark berry and pink. The silky matt finish perfects any look and won’t leave the lips feeling dry. Available in C01 Berry British and C02 Poetic Pink.

Do you like anything? Thank you for reading!

13. oktober 2016

Avon Shine Burst Gloss Stick Iced Mocha & Rose

Avon Shine Burst Gloss Stick Iced Mocha & Rose

I got these Avon Shine Burst Gloss Sticks from Avon some time ago. I was very excited when I got them because both colours are perfect for me. For these sticks, Avon promises more shine than a lipstick, silky smooth and glide on application. I agree with all of that since their finish is shiny and glossy, the application is great actually, they apply almost like a lip balm.

09. oktober 2016

Born Pretty Store Brush Egg

Born Pretty Store Brush Egg

The Brush Egg is the second product from Born Pretty Store that I'm going to talk about. You can see a review on a matte top coat here. Before this Brush Egg, I always washed my makeup brushes with a mild soap and on hands. If I had a lot of brushes to clean, it wasn't a good feeling on the hands and it didn't work as well as it should. 
The Brush Egg is made out of silicone and has a hole at the bottom, so you can hold it while you are cleaning your brushes. You have some lines to clean the bigger brushes and on the top there are little dots, where you can clean smaller brushes.

05. oktober 2016

Trip to Austria and Primark Haul

Primark, Seiersberg, Austria, Graz

Last week my boyfriend and I went to the Shopping City Seiersberg in Austria. I have never been there before and I wanted to go for so long. My boyfriend decided to drive me there for my late birthday present. He also bought me some of the clothes that you will see later on. Seiersberg is about a 15 Minute drive from Slovenian border, all information about where you are going are on boards, you pretty much can't get lost. The main reason I wanted to go, was of course Primark, but I visited some more stores too, including Kiko. We needed a map of the shopping centre to find Primark. It is so big, that we decided to look for clothes for me first, buy it, took everything to the car and come back for my boyfriend. Then I searched for some clothes for my brother and later we went through the store again for things that you don't really have to try on, like scarves, sunglasses, necklaces, rings... If you are wondering, we were there on a Tuesday at about 10.30am and it wasn't crowded at all. We didn't wait either for trying on clothes or at the cash register.

29. september 2016

Preview: Essence Midnight Masquerade TE

I know the preview of Midnight Masquerade and the Little X-Mas Factory from Essence is already out since August, but I didn't want to post it before. I thought it was way too early, especially for the Christmas one. Since Midnight Masquerade will be available in October and November, now it's a good time to post a preview. The Christmas preview comes at the end of October.

Preview: Essence Midnight Masquerade TE

The clock strikes midnight! With the new trend edition “midnight masquerade”, essence invites you to an extraordinary masked ball in October – November 2016. Products in mysterious colors like red, black and lavender ensure a mystical look. The ultimate stars of the night are the two duo ombré lipsticks, eyeshadows with a foil-effect and a black eyeshadow base that can also be used as a kajal. The breathtaking ornament mask creates a particularly mysterious look. Meet me @ midnight – with essence! 

1. Nail polish: Midnight manicure. Two red tones with a semi-matt latex finish as well as midnight blue and black with a multi-chrome glitter effect are the must-have polishes at the masked ball. Available in 01 meet me midnight, 02 black cats wanted, 03 a vampire kissed my neck and 04 the walking red. 

2. Effect eyeshadow: Dark shadows! The eyeshadows in copper, midnight blue and violet are based on black as well as metallic pigments to create an innovative foil effect. Available in 01 keep your midnight secret, 02 spooktacular night and 03 witching you were here. 

3. Nail & cuticle tattoos: Spooky nails: thanks to these exciting tattoos for the nails and cuticles! An easy application without water – each image is simply applied by pressing it onto the nail. Available in 01 party at the haunted house. 

4. 2in1 intensifying base & smokey kajal: Witches welcome. The black eyeshadow base in a pen-shape intensifies effects and dark colors as well as making eyeshadow last longer. It can also be used as a kajal for waterproof smokey eyes styles. Available in 01 zombies not allowed. 

5. Liquid skin illuminator: Glow for the night! The liquid highlighter gives the face and body a subtle shimmer. Available in 01 sitting, waiting, witching

6. Ornament mask: Keep your secrets! The mask made of soft fabric with an ornamental style gives every girl a mysterious and dramatic look. Suitable for all face shapes. Available in 01 from mask till dawn. 

7. False lashes: Batgirl-eyes! These bat-lashes ensure an extravagant look! Reusable and includes glue. Available in 01 the dark night rises.

8. Duo ombré lipstick: Obscure ombré. The lips are framed with the black lipliner and then colored-in with the liquid, matt texture in red or dark red to create trendy ombré lips. Available in 01 dance till dawn and 02 bloody marry me.

Thank you for reading!

26. september 2016

Empties #8

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash, Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face Wash & Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash, Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face Wash & Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub
I got this Himalaya samples at SummerMBeauty blogger event. I took them with me to the seaside, since they are a perfect size for travelling. I find the Face Wash very similar to Balea's that I always talk about. Lately, I have noticed Balea's one dries my skin a bit, and that's not the case with Himalaya. Daily Face Wash I have used every couple of days and I liked it, it's very gentle. Exfoliating Apricot Scrub smells exactly like Apricots, it has a strong scent and it is quite harsh on the skin.

21. september 2016

Trend It Up Haul

You probably know there is a new brand in Slovenian DMs called Trend It Up. German bloggers always talked about their nail polishes, so I was very excited to finally see the brand in DM. I wanted to get so much more products, but I decided on four. I bought two nail polishes, a matte lipstick and a matte lipcream. 

18. september 2016

Magic Planner

Magic Planner

Remember last year's post about this gorgeous planner? Well, this year it's even more amazing. Magic planner has improved a lot. They added a hard cover, the spiral is stronger, the paper is thicker... This year there will be two versions, a school planner (September 2016 - September 2017) and one for the whole year 2017. There are also three different designs, black, gold and colouring one, which you can see on their Facebook page. At first, I didn't know which design to choose, first I wanted the colouring one, then the black one, at the end I went for a gold one, for a little colour in my life.

15. september 2016

Born Pretty Store Matte Top Coat

Born Pretty Store Super Matte Change Surface Glossy Oil Nail Polish

Last month I got a chance to collaborate with Born Pretty Store again. They sent me three products and today I am going to talk about their Super Matte Change Surface Glossy Oil Nail Polish. It comes in a classic round glass bottle, that is all matte. You get 15ml of product in the bottle and it costs $3.99. You can get it here. The brush is straight cut and easy to work with.

12. september 2016

Birthday Wishlist

I know everyone is saying this, but I can't believe how fast time is going. I'm going to be 20. I don't know if I'm weird, but time goes by so fast, sometimes I have to think how old I actually am. Let's go to the post. For my birthday I had to make a wishlist. I little disclaimer, I won't buy all of these products for my birthday, but I will treat myself a little with a few of them. For the rest of them, they will be on my wishlist for the next couple of months.

Birthday Wishlist

1. Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in A New Day
We finally got Sleek makeup iIn Slovenian Müllers. I have never had anything from this brand, but I have heard a lot of good stuff about their eyeshadow palettes. I picked the palette in shade A New Day, because it's a mix of matte and shimmery shades, also the shades look lovely.

2. Trend It Up N°1 Nail Polish 110
3. Trend Iz Up Soft Matte Nail Polish 010
We also got Trend It Up in our DMs. I can't tell you, how excited I am for some new brands coming to Slovenia (Sleek, Trend It Up, L.O.V. and some more). The first nail polish looks perfect for autumn and winter. I love wearing red and dark red nails over that time. The second one is a nice rose matte shade, I just hope the formula is nice too.

4. Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice
This palette is absolutely gorgeous. I only have a few highlighters, so this would be great for my collection.

5. Trend It Up Ultra Matte Lipstick 420
       I haven't read much about Trend It Up lipsticks, but I still want to try these matte lipsticks, in particular, the shade 420, I just love a good nude lipstick. I think Trend It Up also has matching lipliners to the lipsticks, so I want both, a lipstick and a lipliner.

6. Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Cream in Birthday Suit
7. Trend It Up Ultra Matte Lipcream 065
I have heard some good things about Sleek's lip creams and I had to put Birthday Suit on my WL. I probably won't get both, the one from Trend It Up and this one, I will probably just buy the cheaper one, that's Trend It Up and see how I like it.

8. Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush
9. Physicians Formula Glowing Nude Blush
I have been adoring Physicians Formula blushes on Mateja's blog and I wanted one for quite some time now. If I ever have too much money, I will probably buy one.

10. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
This is on my wishlist for a couple of months. I have seen only good things about it. I love most of Maybelline's mascaras and I haven't bought one in a long time.

Birthday Wishlist

11. Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark & Deep Brown
I had Batiste Dry Shampoo once before on my wishlist, but I haven't bought it yet. It is kind of expensive and I heard you use it up really fast. But I am thinking for some time that maybe for my birthday I will finally get it.

12. Balea Aqua Augen Roll-On
I loved every product I ever had of Balea's Aqua line, so I thought I would try this one too.

13. Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive 10% w/w Urea Treatment Lotion
I talked before that I have very dry skin on my upper arms and that my dermatologist recommended me La Roche Posay or Eucerin lotion with Urea. At that time I thought I would save money and I bought one from Balea for not even 2€, but I don't think that one is really good. I want to try this one too, to see if it's better.

14. Balea Feuchtigkeits Haarmilch Pfirsich & Cocos
I have heard about this on a german youtube channel, but I can't remember on which one. The girl was really impressed by it, I wanted to get it, but then I forgot about it. Now, I have found it on the Balea Website and I remembered to put it on my wishlist.

15. Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water
I have seen a lot of bloggers talking about it, also Slovenian bloggers, and they mostly like it. I am that person who has never owned a Garnier Micellar Water, so I hope I will have a chance to try them soon.

Do you have any of the products mentioned? Would you recommend it or not? Thank you for reading!

08. september 2016

Essence Blush Ball 10 Peach Candy

Essence Blush Ball 10 Peach Candy

In my Summer Makeup Favourites I said I will soon have a review on Essence Blush Ball in shade 10 Peach Candy on my blog. I prepared the whole post and then I completely forgot about it. Today I finally have it. When I saw a promo for Essence's new products for Spring and Summer 2016 these Blush Balls immediately caught my eye and I had to put them on my wishlist. One day Natalija from Dominur sent me a package of Essence and Catrice goodies and you can imagine I was most excited about this blush.

Essence Blush Ball 10 Peach Candy

Blush Balls by Essence came out in their Spring and Summer 2016 collection. There are three colour choices right now: 10 peach candy, 20 strawberry candy and 30 cinnamon candy. I got sent 10 peach candy, which is perfect for summer. It comes in a white plastic packaging with pink writing and a clear plastic cover, so you can see the shade of the blush.

Essence Blush Ball 10 Peach Candy

I just apply the blush directly to the cheeks and I blend it with my fingers. It has a powdery texture and blends really well. It leaves your cheeks looking healthy and glowy, like you have a little bit of highlighter on. I wanted to include a picture how it looks on me, but I just can't capture the color with my phone, it doesn't really show up on my cheeks, even though I applied a lot, I think I need more practice with face shots. However, I did include a swatch on my hand.

Essence Blush Ball 10 Peach Candy

In conclusion, I love it, it is adorable and makes my cheeks glow. It also stays on for the entire day. I hope Essence releases some more shades. I know Catrice now also has them, so I will have to check them out too.

Do you have these Blush Balls? Do you like them? Thank you for reading!

*This product was sent to me

05. september 2016

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Belvedere Photo Diary

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Belvedere Photo Diary
A view from our room

Izola Photo Diary

Izola Belvedere Photo Diary

In the middle of July my boyfriend and I went to Izola and I wanted to share some pictures with you. If you don't know, Izola is an old fishing town on the Slovene Riviera. It is my favourite vacation destination in Slovenia. I came here once or twice when I was little with my family, and now for three years I have been coming here with my boyfriend. I adore it, those narrow streets, architecture and beautiful beaches. If you are interested, we were staying at Belvedere hotel. Let me tell you, this hotel is on a hill and it was a workout to go up and down a couple of times a day. Overall, it was a great experience. I took most of this pictures the day we got there, the first day was cloudy and windy, so the pictures are not the best. Plus, I don't own a fancy camera, they are taken with my phone, but I still like how most of them turned out. 

Have you visited Izola before? Thank you for reading!

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